Friday, 4 July 2008

The legitimate action for the recovery of the kohinnor diamond needs the support of all peoples including the British people

Our action for the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond is not against the British people but only against the British government's continued and prolonged reluctance to handover priceless Indian heritage such as the kohinnoor diamond....would not a patriotic Brit or French or German or Italian or American or Russian or Chinese feel the same way about it.....if it were one of their most cherished symbols was so hoarded in Tower of London....whilst claiming that the possessor government is a democracy, rule of law country, champion of liberty, freedom of expression, respector of religious rights and traditions....forget about the Oxbridge snobs who conveniently forget that the City (British Financial Capital) which began with a derelict backwater of London and a pub spiced up by the East India company...forget about those who teach Indians how to pronounce Himaalayas and Ganga or call us simply "Asians"....I am talking here about the ordinary British people who have a conscience ...this silent majority of British people who can defeat immoral British politicians through their democratic mandate if their governments continue to hoard stolen heritage....we in India do not tolerate the British....we revere them....why can't the british government revere us too?....are we not human enough?

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