Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Our Work So Far For The Recovery of The Kohinnoor Diamond

Hi all, It has been a long and hard journey so far for all of the moment "us" includes Wills Mathews and his Lawyer friends in the Supreme Court of India like Dinesh and others....we have also some well wishers....and some journalists also who might be interested....we hope once people know about it we would get wider support for our work not only from India but also from the entire Commonwealth besides the wider humanity.....There are also so many others who are genuinely concerned about the prolonged hoarding of stolen heritage from India by the British Government and the British Monarch..... It is so unfortunate that the Head of the Commonwealth the British Monarch whilst also being the Head of the Commonwealth covets such stolen properties contrary to both the Commonwealth Charter and the Ten Commandments..... I am not an experienced blogger or for that matter much experienced in all help would be welcome....

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