Friday, 4 July 2008

To read my thesis in legalese go to

Please click on the link- to view the summary of the research i have done on the kohinnoor diamond and indian heritage. i am sorry it is a little bit serious stuff with legalese. Please read the underlined subheadings first then if you have time read the whole will show why the British always wanted to teach indians their history....and the role played by India's so called elite in undermining Indian Heritage....

Please click on the Older Posts to view the letters from the British Monarch, their Prime Minister and Department of Culture

Please click on the Older Posts at the bottom right hand of the page to see the letters from the British Queen, their Prime Minister and Department of Culture to realise the immorality and illegality involved in prolonging the hoarding of the kohinnoor diamond through legalese and constitutional hide and seek.....

The recovery of kohinnoor diamond needs French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Chinese, African Language speakers....!!!!!

To expose the immorality and injustice involved in hoarding the kohinnoor diamond stolen from India under the cover of occupation and coercive deed of transfers and contracts need speakers of African languages, European languages including Russian, Latin American languages, Asian languages from Arabic to Chinese.............. to Hindi to Hebrew............... to Korean to Singhalese........ to Tamil....all are invited! Unfortunately I am not rich enough to pay any of you.....i live in a shared accommodation and work as a cleaner on a part time basis....i quit the legal profession to be activist for public interest and to promote human reverence for each other.....i lost a lot to gain a lot more in fulfilment!

The legitimate action for the recovery of the kohinnor diamond needs the support of all peoples including the British people

Our action for the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond is not against the British people but only against the British government's continued and prolonged reluctance to handover priceless Indian heritage such as the kohinnoor diamond....would not a patriotic Brit or French or German or Italian or American or Russian or Chinese feel the same way about it.....if it were one of their most cherished symbols was so hoarded in Tower of London....whilst claiming that the possessor government is a democracy, rule of law country, champion of liberty, freedom of expression, respector of religious rights and traditions....forget about the Oxbridge snobs who conveniently forget that the City (British Financial Capital) which began with a derelict backwater of London and a pub spiced up by the East India company...forget about those who teach Indians how to pronounce Himaalayas and Ganga or call us simply "Asians"....I am talking here about the ordinary British people who have a conscience ...this silent majority of British people who can defeat immoral British politicians through their democratic mandate if their governments continue to hoard stolen heritage....we in India do not tolerate the British....we revere them....why can't the british government revere us too?....are we not human enough?

who says baby elephents can't bless the aspiration of getting back the kohinnor diamond for the peoples of india?

एवें बेबी एलेफन्ट्स ब्लेस थे अस्पिरेशन ऑफ़ पीपुल्स ऑफ़ इंडिया फॉर थे स्तोलें कोहिन्नूर डायमंड एंड इंडियन हेरिटेज

Why I like Ganhi.......See the Picture

Prince Charles is Taking Over the Protection of India's Monuments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Prince Charles is Taking Over the Protection of the Indian Monuments and those in entire South Asia......reports British Media.....Charles is convening a meeting of Indian billionnaires such as Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal, K.P Singh et al...who each if they want can buy the Princes Trust with their money...if they really care... This is an insult to the Sovereignty of India and its government...who in the indian department of culture okayed this is a billion dollar question....ask Charles about why his mother whilst being the head of the Commonwealth and Church of England is hoarding stolen, pilfered and plundered Indian Heritage....getting Charles to protect Indian monuments is like employing Bin Laden to oversee India's national security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sorry Another Duplication By Me....

Trying to see whether I duplicated the blog....let me see...

Images of Letters Received

Me Dressed Up as Gandhi for My Daughters......Just For a Laugh

I know...i know...i have no hope in hell to be like Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln....or other great men and women who enriched humanity....but dressing up as Gandhi for my daughters Anna-Marie and Destiny made them laugh a we go....johnson as Gandhi....

Scanned Images of Letters Received from the British Queen's, British PM's Office

Hi all, Please find scanned images of the replies we have received for our legal notices from the British Queen's , British PM's Office etc etc......

Our Work So Far For The Recovery of The Kohinnoor Diamond

Hi all, It has been a long and hard journey so far for all of the moment "us" includes Wills Mathews and his Lawyer friends in the Supreme Court of India like Dinesh and others....we have also some well wishers....and some journalists also who might be interested....we hope once people know about it we would get wider support for our work not only from India but also from the entire Commonwealth besides the wider humanity.....There are also so many others who are genuinely concerned about the prolonged hoarding of stolen heritage from India by the British Government and the British Monarch..... It is so unfortunate that the Head of the Commonwealth the British Monarch whilst also being the Head of the Commonwealth covets such stolen properties contrary to both the Commonwealth Charter and the Ten Commandments..... I am not an experienced blogger or for that matter much experienced in all help would be welcome....