Sunday, 20 July 2008

British Queen the Head of Church of England and her obligations to repatriate the Kohinnoor Diamond and Indian Heritage

Hi friends....the British Queen is also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England or the Anglican Church...the coronation of the British Monarch is presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury- the Head of the Anglican Church....the British Monarch appoints the this sense the British Queen is like the Pope in his capacity as the Head of the Catholic Church.....What did late Pope John Paul the Second did.... ? He went and apologised to the Jewish people for the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church against the Jewish people....what is Pope Benedict doing now..? He is apologising to the victims of paedophilia by Catholic priests in America and Australia....What is the Supreme Governor of Church of England the British Queen doing...? just enjoying the fruits of stolen heritage such as the kohinnoor diamond....on the 60th anniversary of India's independence on 15 August 2007 I rang the British PM's office and delivered them an uncomfortable message...."British Queen who heads the British Government of the Old Boys Network, by the Old Boys Network for the Old Boys Network ought to quit the leadership of the Commonwealth as she still perpetuates the empire under the cover of the privileges granted to her by the peoples of the commonwealth....through even social titles like Lord, Knight, Order, Commander etc of the British Empire awarding them to British citizens and pliable/innocent foreign nationals.....Downing Street put the phone down on me.....big deal...

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