Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Tribulations of My Lawyers Wills & Wills in Agreeing to Act for the Recovery of the Kohinnoor Diamond

Wills Mathews the principal advocate of Wills & Wills is an extremely modest human being....he does not even want to talk about the problems he faced simply because he agreed to act for me as a public spirited person in the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond....his telephones were bugged....there were occassions when he felt being stalked by vehicles at different times....his staff being non-operative.....his computer and blackberry or blue berry or whatever you call them being disabled....his internet connection going down for days.....his email account being flooded with about 900 pornographic messages and name....would some public spirited citizens in India file a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) to ensure protection to the person and property of this great soul? If I had the money I would have but I am now a poor cleaner.....what a fall from grace for me from an Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, An author of a book on law...a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of India.....then again it is not about is not about media glamour and glitter and celebrity is about the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond and indian heritage which belongs to all indians hindus, muslims, sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Atheists, men, women and our future....the children of India.....please read the previous posts and my research titled instructions to wills by clicking on the bottom of the page at Older Posts.....

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