Sunday, 20 July 2008

forgive my spelling and grammar is going to continue...i am typing this under the duress of bugging and disconnection

hi forgive my spelling and grammar....i can type about 80 words per minute but the problem is that i don't know when my internet connection could get jammed or my emails or posting bear with me....if my english is not good don't worry...i don't worship english it is another language...of Indo-European is Latin and Greek and French.....this blog is not deploy my liguistic prowess but to facilitate the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond and indian heritage....whether i am a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Budhist, Jain, Jew or Atheist does not matter....for the time being....if i want to flirt with girls i would.....but it is not at the expense of sacrificing the desire to recover the kohinnoor diamond and indian heritage....hey guys i never promised that i am blah blah....i am just me a humble indian ....who loves india more than anything else....then again that is my biggest weakness or is it a strength? frankly i don't know and i don't is too short....a hundred years of human life is about 3.15 billion seconds!!!!!!!

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