Sunday, 20 July 2008

Our Order to the British Queen Regarding the Kohinnoor Diamond Dated 30 June 2008

A private injunction order was issued by the lawyers wills & wills to the British Queen through the governor of the Tower of London who is in charge of the upkeep and protection of the kohinnoor diamond on 30 June 2008.......of course there is the question of legitimacy of issuing an order to the British Monarch; Queen Elizabeth the Second who is used to the sychophancy of the courtiers.....and psychophants in could a private Indian Citizen that too from the Third World India without any Oxbridge education even think about it? Don't worry ....neither the British Queen nor the governor of the Tower of London has have no contest about the legitimacy of the ordeer issued to them not to tamper with, remove, vary or alter or the shape or qualities of the Kohinnoor Diamond including to make jewels for the spoilt royal siblings until the dispute is it will be construed as an act of terrorism on Indian Heritage, Right to Culture, Right to Religion etc which are all universly guaranteed know more about this please read the next post and please appreciate this in the context of my research summarised as Instructions by clicking Older Posts below at the right hand bottom of the page....

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